Exploring a new approach to generative design

Additive manufacturing is driving innovation with the ability to fabricate complex parts more efficiently than traditional methods. DM Labs is exploring a new solution to simplify generative design for 3D printing.

Currently in development, Live Parts™ is an experimental technology that applies morphogenetic principles and advanced simulation to auto-generate part designs in minutes. Our vision for Live Parts is to enable users to quickly realize the full potential of additive manufacturing—including material and cost efficiency, and design flexibility.

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Key features

Ideal for 3D printing

Similar to how plants grow, there are no straight lines in parts except where needed for mounting regions, symmetries, or keep out zones. This makes them well suited for additive manufacturing processes, where typical design limitations don’t apply.

Real-time simulation of static and dynamic loads

A GPU-accelerated multi-physics engine models parts as living organisms so that parts can be generated in real-time based on constraints and load conditions. Loads can be linear, radial, rotational, and even dynamic.

Auto-generates designs in minutes

Nature-inspired algorithms drive Live Parts. Unlike topology optimization, no pre-existing part design is needed. Parts grow and adapt like plants and bones, changing shape to find the best form for their environment and function.

Integrated with SOLIDWORKS®

Define constraints and forces inside the Live Parts for SolidWorks add-in before exporting to Live Parts for part generation. Parts can be exported back to SOLIDWORKS, auto-assembled, and further analyzed.